Dream job: Custom title design for Moonrise Kingdom

Jessica Hische is a letterer, type designer and internet superstar. One of her projects that induces design envy in me and type nerds the world over, is her commission by Wes Anderson to design the titles and credits for Moonrise Kingdom.  

Jessica created 2 fonts, a display and text weight of the same typeface. The original designs were based on Ed Benguiat’s Edwardian Script but changed direction to a more hand cut look. The result is a beautiful script face with loads of character and charm, much like Anderson's films. 

On the process of working with Anderson so closely Jessica says: 

"Wes had his hand in every aspect of the visual process. I would get emails at 2 AM asking to make the R slightly smaller, or to make something else a little bit rounder. I didn’t expect that attention to detail." 

Jessica is working with Font Bureau to commercially release the font. I've searched high and low for more information about it's release but to no avail. Watch this space for a write-up of the font when it launches.